Homebuyers Guide

Your Needs Come First

  • Finding and buying the right home is a highly personalized process, and it all begins by identifying your needs.
  • The values, interests and priorities you want this move to support.
  • The features you are looking for in a home.
  • How a neighborhood can best match your needs and lifestyle.
  • How the homefinding process will need to be tailored to fit your plans.
  • The support you expect to receive from me.

How Can I Help You

  • I will apply my knowledge and expertise to help you find the right home. Here is what you can expect from me:
  • I will work with you at every stage of thehomefinding process, from the initial selection of properties to view, through the presentation of a purchase offer, to  obtaining financing and the completion of the transaction.
  • We will want to agree to a system of regular communication so that you can be  kept informed at all times.
  • I will give you reliable information and solid advice so that you can make informed decisions.
  • It is my hope that you will be so pleased with my service that you will turn to me for advice on your future real estate needs.

Defining Your Ideal Home

The property you buy will be much more than a house; it will be your home. The following questions will help me find your ideal home:

How many people will be living in your household?
• What would you consider a comfortable commute?
• What are the most important activities for the members
of your household?
• What is something you disliked about the house or
area where you lived previously?
• What are one or more features you liked most about
homes you’ve lived in previously?
• What are the most “must have” features of your ideal
home and neighborhood?

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<th class="tg-g6ln">Population</th>
<th class="tg-g6ln">College</th>
<th class="tg-g6ln">Estimated</th>
<th class="tg-g6ln">Est. Total</th>
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<td class="tg-g6ln">Median Age</td>
<td class="tg-g6ln">Density (sq. mi.)</td>
<td class="tg-g6ln">Educated</td>
<td class="tg-g6ln">Median Income</td>
<td class="tg-g6ln">Home Owners</td>
<td class="tg-g6ln">Renters</td>
<td class="tg-g6ln">Renters</td>
<td class="tg-g6ln">Household Size</td>
<td class="tg-g6ln">Population</td>
<td class="tg-p7v3">41</td>
<td class="tg-p7v3">272</td>
<td class="tg-p7v3">54%</td>
<td class="tg-p7v3">$81,438</td>
<td class="tg-p7v3">5,298</td>
<td class="tg-p7v3">1,221</td>
<td class="tg-p7v3">81% / 19%</td>
<td class="tg-mxkd">2</td>
<td class="tg-p7v3">17,842</td>